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Hi Readers,

I will be a doing a blog about sports (mostly soccer). My favorite sport is soccer, if you haven’t figured that out yet. I am  from England and support a soccer team called Liverpool FC.

I have a dog named Travis. He is a Golden Retriever and is super cute. I will do a post on how we got him, it’s a cool story. We are trying to convince my dad to get a puppy, fingers crossed.

We had just had a trip back to England and it was awesome. We went to London and saw Buckingham Palace and the tower of London. In the tower of London we saw the crown jewels, they were so shiny!  I will do a full post on our trip.

More posts coming soon.


Sincerely, Morgan

3 comments to About Me

  1. Elijah says:

    Hi Morgan,
    In the tower of London did you see the actual crown or just the jewels. Who is your favorite soccer/ football player is it Ronaldo or Messi. What was Buckingham like was it huge and fancy with marble columns or kind of a older type of building with carpet or wood flooring?
    Happy Blogging

    • Morgan says:

      Hi Elijah
      In the Tower of London we did see the real crown jewles.
      My favourite soccer player out of Ronaldo and messi is probably…Messi!
      We didn’t go inside of bukingham palace, but from the outside it looked pretty fancy!
      There was white columns, holding it all up. Lining the palace there was guards in the fuzzy hats.
      But the Tower of London is really OLD. With all wooden floors, it was pretty cool.
      Sincerely, Morgan

  2. miranda583 says:

    Wow, that sounds cool!

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